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Me & my girlfriend

Me & my girlfriend. By the way, my name is Jerry and she is Ivy 🙂

You are in a long distance relationship, right? I am in one too! You are probably looking for some tips or solutions for your relationship. That’s why you are here with me today…

By the way, I’m in a very “special” relationship. You can say it’s “unbelievable”. It’s not just a normal long distance relationship.

It’s challenging the LIMIT and the IMPOSSIBLE!

Some facts about myself that make my relationship UNBELIEVABLE:

  • My girlfriend is 10 years older than me
  • My parents still don’t allow this relationship
  • They asked me to break up with her when we just got together
  • They banned me from meeting her anymore
  • I’m still serving National Service in Singapore while she is working in Taiwan
  • Both of us are not even financially stable yet – still a long way to talk about financial independence

Can you see the level of difficulty here?

Nevertheless, we have been together for 20 months now (as of August 2016). No one ever talked about breaking up. We are thinking about our future life and planning for marriage.

Another fun fact about our relationship is that we got together in just 10 days after we met each other for the first time in life. It’s only the 3rd time we met up including the first time when we met and exchanged LINE ID. Soon after we got together, we were forced to separate and began our long distance journey.

I admit that I’m not an relationship expert!

But I’m not embarrassed by that.

Some relationship experts out there boast about how much they’ve studied about relationship and how knowledgeable they are. However, many of them didn’t even build a successful relationship themselves, especially long distance ones. Do you really think they are in the best position to help you with YOUR relationship compare to people who have overcome countless obstacles in the toughest situation?

Maybe they are more knowledgeable in the “theory” of how human behaves and their emotions. But without practically honing their skills, those knowledge remains as theory on the paper.

But today, YOU are lucky! You come to the right place and you meet me. I’ve experienced so much in one of the toughest long distance relationships in the modern world. I’m able to give you what you NEED to build a successful long distance relationship.

Don’t Worry! My Tips for you here are totally FREE

I’m not going to create any products and claim that “Buying my products will transform your relationship“.

Because the truth is…

If you are looking for anything like that, those “relationship experts” will be able to help you. You can simply purchase their books and whatever training products they offer. I’m not saying their products are totally useless. But it’s not worth the money in my opinion.

Think about it this way.

Your money could be better spent by buying the best and the most meaningful gifts for your lover. Or bring your lover for a romantic trip.

One fact about long distance relationship is that: You are going to spend quite a lot of money on airplane tickets or other transportation costs. Agree?

So why not save the money from buying those products which couldn’t guarantee you a positive result and spend it more practically to improve and maintain your relationship? Does that sound logical to you?

If it is, then give me a try. I know you probably don’t trust me right now. It’s perfectly normal. But my tips for you are completely FREE because it is my passion to help people with their relationships. I’m really happy when people get their relationship issues solved.

If YOU are happy, I’m happy too!

Not only that, what you will find in my posts is that I tend to integrate my own stories and experiences into the article which will make more sense and relevance to you. In this way, they will help you the most.

So right now before you even start to explore my site, I’m giving you a FREE eBook called “7 costly mistakes people make in a long distance relationship” plus my 7 Basic Tips for you send directly into your email inbox.

This is to express my gratitude to you for visiting my website and reading this far. Give me your Name & Email below and I will send them to you immediately 🙂



To YOUR relationship success,

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