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1. Long Distance Relationship Miracle – How to make your long distance relationship work? (eBook)


  • USD$97.00 $37.00
  • By Gerald Greekson, LDR expert
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!
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2. The Long Distance Lover Book: A Man’s Guide to Making a Long Distance Relationship Work

The long distance lover bookTired of the usual generic advice written about long distance relationships, Livius Besski has written one of the most complete and practical guides on long distance relationships. His many years of experience with long distance relationships and intensive study of love and attraction have allowed him to talk about some of the most important elements of a successful and enjoyable LDR.

  • USD$4.00 (Kindle)
  • eBook

Livius Besski:

  • In a few different long distance relationship for the past 7 years
  • Working privately with well over 150 clients in the past 1.5 years
  • Passionately studying the subject of Seduction, Relationships and Psychology in the past 4 years

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3. How to make your Long Distance Relationship Work & Flourish: A Couple’s Guide to Being Apart & Staying Happy

How to make your long distance relationship work and flourishHow to Make Your Long-Distance Relationship Work and Flourish will help give your relationship the chance it deserves. You will learn how to establish the terms of your relationship, including how to know if you are ready to make this commitment, when to schedule phone calls, and when and how often you should visit. You will discover the essential relationship-building skills you need, like keeping open communication, establishing realistic expectations, and balancing emotional and physical intimacy, so you can have a happy, healthy relationship. The meat and bones of any relationship is companionship, and this book will show you how to have that despite the distance. You will learn the best ways to share travel costs and what to do when visiting in order to make the most out of your limited time together.

  • Kindle: USD$9.99
  • Paperback: USD$12.69

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4. Understand Yourself, Understand Your Partner: The Essential Enneagram Guide to a Better Relationship

Better relationshipAccording to an increasingly popular personality system called the Enneagram, there are nine basic types of people in the world. Each Type sees the world through a different lens, and has different goals, fears, challenges, priorities, and motivations. Once you know the Type of each member of a couple, you have a very good idea of what are likely to be the strengths and challenges of that pairing, and what issues are most likely to come up again and again for them. This book describes each of the 9 Types and how they are expressed within a relationship. This is followed by a separate chapter for each of the 45 possible pairings of these 9 personality types. They help the couple understand where they might get stuck and how they can better work out their differences. The books is based on reports by actual couples of each combination of types, and each chapter has quotations from the couple describing what a relationship of that combination of types is like. Each chapter ends with a few questions for the couple of that particular combination to discuss. This book can be considered a reference book. Although it is very long (555 pages), the average reader can be expected to read through the description of the 9 types, figure out their type and that of their mate, and then turn to the chapter that describes their specific combination. You don’t have to know anything about the Enneagram system before starting the book! The descriptions are very accessible, and will be useful for all readers.

  • USD$25.00 (Paperback)

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