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1. Onyx + Pearl Couple by Kiiroo: The Best Long Distance Toys Today

Onyx_Pearl2-copy-2-1Kiiroo Onyx and Kiiroo Pearl are revolutionary sex toys that allow you to feel your lover from anywhere in the world. Each toy is Bluetooth enabled and can communicate directly when connected to the Kiiroo video chat platform or app. You can give and receive pleasure from a partnered toy.

  • USD$369.00  inc. VAT
  • Made in Amsterdam
  • Overall rank: 9.5 out of 10
  • 1 year warranty

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2. We-Vibe: Suitable for both Long Distance & Close Distance Couples

Use We-Vibe together — during sex or when you’re apart.
She gets extra stimulation to her clitoris and G-spot and together
you both share the vibe.

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3. The CHEAPER Way to pleasure yourself when HE is not around


Girls! You will need a vibrator if you are in a long distance relationship.

DIY yourself and refrain from getting pleasure in any other ways to potentially harm your relationship.

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(Cheaper as compared to the most recommended Onyx & Pearl)




4. The CHEAPER Way to pleasure yourself when SHE is not around (Reusable Male Masturbator)

  • Tenga Flip Air Lite


  • Innovative side flip opening for easy cleaning
  • Hard plastic exterior for easy grip
  • Simple, single button air pressure adjustment for custom experience
  • Medical grade interior material for maximum comfort and pleasure

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  • Fanala Male Masturbation Cup


  • Out Paces All Other Wands Sold
  • Variable Speed Setting Wheel
  • Quieter Than Other Wands
  • With medical silicone teeth
  • Sore Neck and Shoulder Relief

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(Cheaper as compared to the most recommended Onyx & Pearl)


5. My Favorite Condom – Okamoto


Okamoto: To help you let go and truly enjoy sex without compromising quality and safety.

I always use Okamoto condom with my girlfriend and I really like its feeling a lot.

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