What is the Secret to Success in Life? (Nobody will tell you this in your lifetime)

What is the secret to success in life? This is probably one of the most common quesitons many people will ask. I’m sure you’ve probably heard that there is no shortcut to success before and things like that. This is indeed the truth. What is the secret then? Let me tell you, it lies in your everyday lives! What I mean is that what you do in your everyday lives forms the basic building blocks to your eventual success. This may sound familiar. You may have heard something similar before. But what I am going to tell you in this article is something that probably nobody else will tell you in your lifetime. So, you better pay attention!

I’m going to share with you 5 powerful things you can do everyday which will help you eventually to achieve the success you want. I learnt this from my previous affiliate marketing company called Six Figure Mentors.

These 5 things are known as the Daily Method of Operation (DMO).

Daily Method of Operation

1. Daily Visualization & Meditation on Your Goals

Daily visualization and meditation on your goalsIn recent years, neuroscience has proven that when repetition is combined with a clear visualization or picture of an intended/desired outcome, the four different parts of our brain begin to work together, in unison. The outcome is less self-sabotage, increased effectiveness, ease and flow and an increase in one’s desired outcome. Once all four parts of our brains are working together and are clear about the goals we want, it is much easier for us to take actions to achieving them. 

Personally, I would think of my goals everyday as it has become a habit of mine. It’s because I’m so eager to achieve them. Visualization of my goals motivates me to put in the effort everyday as much as I could. (It usually takes 21 days for a habit to be formed. To find out more on this, click here.)

What’s your goals? Are you clear on that in the first place?

Clarify and visualize your goals so the path shines bright!


Application to (Long Distance) Relationships:

You must have goals in your relationships, especially long distance ones. They are to be discussed and agreed between you and your partner so that both of you know exactly what each of you want out of this relationship. With this clear expectation in mind, you can work towards the goals together and make the relationship work. Or else, there is no clear direction of what both of you want and this will usually lead to break ups as you may suddenly realize that two of you don’t want the same thing. You are actually going in different directions.

With clear goals, it also makes your relationship and the process more meaningful and memorable!

2. Income Producing Activities

income producing activitiesIn terms of productivity and profitability, this is where the “rubber meets the road”. As an entrepreneur, it’s imperative to be cognizant of how we prioritize what actions to take and the order in which we take them. Without a disciplined DMO, it’s very easy to find ourselves busy and feeling overwhelmed doing all sorts of things that may seem to be urgent or important but in reality, aren’t. Be careful to not expend precious energy going in circles, instead of making progress.

At any given point, there are very few activities that have a direct impact on the short and long-term growth of your income. These are called income producing activities. The sooner you develop the habit of taking specific steps to generate revenue on a daily basis, the sooner you will begin to gain momentum and begin to experience results. The secret is CONSISTENCY.

Personally, I am doing an online affiliate marketing business while serving national service in Singapore right now. Serving national service does not contribute to my short or long-term goals but it is compulsory so I have no choice on that. What I have a choice on currently is what to do in my spare time. That’s why I am investing my time and money to build up my passive income streams online for my future benefits.

When I do not have access to laptop or even internet, I will read books or business magazines. If you think carefully, this actually contributes to my long-term goals. I will always and only do things that will contribute to my eventual success. Just like what I’ve said earlier, there are too many things to do in our lives so PRIORITIZATION is extremely important!

I would feel that my life is meaningless if I don’t do any income producing activities in a day.

What are the income producing activities for you? Are you planning and executing them?


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Application to (Long Distance) Relationships:

This is very obvious. The most direct application for engaging in income producing activities is to have a better relationship and better living conditions with your partner in the future. Incoming producing activities generally won’t give you the money immediately but they will definitely give you what you deserve if you do them consistently. For long distance relationship, they will play a crucial role in ending the long distance situation and eventually make it work out to marriage. For close distance ones, they will also allow you to overcome all the obstacles in life and lead to marriage as well.

If your partner sees that you are working on your relationship by engaging in income producing activities, it will definitely build up a lot of trust and love between you. In the modern world, there is nothing wrong for females to be the financial support of the family. So I highly encourage everyone to play a role in making your relationship better.


P.S. The kind of income you should be focusing on is passive income. Passive income will usually require more time and effort in the short term but it will pay you back tenfold not only the money but the time in the long term. Quality time is the most precious thing you could have in the world because many people work so hard for the whole lives but some can only enjoy it when they retire and some never get a chance to enjoy it at all.

3. Personal Development

“Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” ~Abraham Lincoln

personal developmentOne must always remain a lifelong student, in an open-minded state of exploration, learn and grow. Another way to put this is this: If you are not growing, you are dying! Similarly, in a Chinese proverb: Learning is like rowing upstream, not to advance is to drop back.

Personal growth (actively seeking self-awareness/actualization/regulation) is not only rewarding and fulfilling, it’s a crucial part of ensuring long-term and sustainable success as an entrepreneur. This shouldn’t be seen as an obligation but rather a choice, an opportunity, an investment in yourself and your future.

The easiest ways to develop yourself are through:

  • Reading
  • Listening to Podcast
  • Attending Classes/Workshops/Conferences/Webinars
  • Talk to experts
  • Do online research

The is by no means an exhaustive list.

Find your most effective way to develop yourself NOW!


Application to (Long Distance) Relationships:

Personal development does not limit to skill. It can also be development of your inner-self. By reading widely and joining in discussion can help you to become a better partner for your lover. This can allow you to have a more lovely long-term relationship.

Here’s a book that I recommend which is called: Understand Yourself, Understand Your Partner: The Essential Enneagram Guide to a Better Relationship

4. Mastermind with Other Leaders

mastermind with other leadersResearch suggests that our environments are responsible for approximately 50% of our results. The environments that have the most influence and impact on your result are those which encourage and empower you. So, recognize the importance of positive imfluences in your lives and avoid the negative ones.

But don’t worry too much, down the road, you will find yourself spending less and less time around those who don’t inspire and support you on your journey.

Here’s an online community that you can join for FREE. It’s a community that I am inside personally and all the people there have very positive mindsets and goals. You can truly find success in there.

5. Inspire & Lead

inspire and leadDo something everyday that is meaningful and of value, something that enhances the quality of someone else’s life. But here’s the secret, you must do it in the spirit of giving, and service – NO STRING ATTACHED.

Learn, Do, Teach! Expect leadership from yourself and those around you and have the courage to take action in spite of any feelings of inadequacy and self-defeating emotions. Give generously of yourself.

This could be simply sharing something that you recently learnt on social media, creating a piece of new content for your blog and sharing it with others.

Trust me, teaching people of what you’ve learnt is the fastest way to grow yourself as well. Recently, I just shared with my good friend about Wealthy Affiliate and what I’ve learnt because he is interested. Guess what?! I was amazed by how much I’ve actually learnt for the past few months regarding affiliate marketing. Through teaching or simply sharing, you will realize what’s yours and what you are lacking of. The discussions during the sharing will inspire you and generate even more ideas and knowledge. Teaching is the best way to test what you’ve learnt and solidify it.

Don’t keep the knowledge to yourself. Share it, and you will gain even more!

If you do these activities EVERYDAY, there’s no way you won’t succeed when it comes to being a person you want to be and creating the life you love!

What these can be applied to any relationship is “Consistent Commitment”. Regardless of the type of the relationship, in order to maintain it and make it a real long-term relationship, you have to consistently put effort into it. Remember…

What you GET is what you GIVE!


Thank you for reading and I wish you all my best for your success in life!

If you like my article, please kindly share it with others to benefit more people. I would also like to hear what do you think about this Daily Method of Operation and what you are doing to accomplish your goals. Please leave your precious comment below to let me know.



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