The Trigger Point GRID Foam Roller Review: 4 Reasons Why You Must Have One

According to WikipediaFoam rolling is a self-myofascial release (SMR) technique that is used by athletes and physical therapists to inhibit overactive muscles. This form of stretching utilizes the concept of autogenic inhibition to improve soft tissue extensibility, thus relaxing the muscle and allowing the activation of the antagonist muscle. Simply put, it’s like a “self-service” deep tissue massage which will make you think that, “Ouch, it hurts! But I know my body needs it.”

Trigger Point Foam rolling demonstration

Myself using the Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller

Since you are here, I’m quite sure you know what is foam rolling and you probably want to purchase a foam roller. You are in luck today because this review is all you need to make your decision, right now!


Introducing to you the BEST foam roller in the world from the LEADING company in the industry!

TriggerPoint Foam rollers

The Trigger Point GRID Foam Roller

Price: USD$37 to $40 depends on the colour
Made by: Trigger Point
Overall Rank: 9.5 out of 10
Warranty: 1 year
Who’s it for: Basically everyone!
Cheapest Place to buy: Amazon.com

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More detailed information & dimension of TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller (Click image to enlarge.) From: Trigger Point Performance Therapy



Just to make sure you totally understand Foam Rolling

This is a pretty detailed video about what is foam rolling and how to roll. Check it out!

Before we get deeper into this, let’s take a look at…

4 different types of foam rollers


4 Reasons Why You Must Have TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

1. It really ROLLS!

It’s a really silly and no-brainer feature to commend. But you will be surprised how difficult it is to roll for rumble roller which boast about its effective spikes in massaging. For a foam roller which can’t roll, it just doesn’t work.

The design of the Grid foam roller not only rolls well, it also provides 3 types of massage feeling – Low & Flat (feels like forearm and palm) , High & Firm (feels like fingertips) and Medium & Tubular (feels like fingers and thumb). And these 3D designs are patented!TP-foam-roller


2. It’s Travel-friendly

It’s compact size allows you to easily packed it in your bag or luggage. The hollow opening in the center provides the extra space for you to fit your towel, clothing or even shoes.

hollow center of trigger point foam foller

The hollow center is great for extra storage space!


3. It’s Sturdy (High Quality)

In order to support the whole body’s weight, it has to be strong. On top of that, it’s innovation in the hollow-center urge them to develop a roller that is even more sturdy without the center. It has been weight tested to support up to 500lbs/225kg of static load. (See the product description above)

The reason behind its sturdiness is because it’s made from High-density EVA Environmentally-Friendly material which won’t break down or lose shape from repeated use.

One more thing that is worth-mentioning is its design. It really fashionable and good-looking compare to other similar products.


4. Trusted by various Professional Sports Teams/Players

NBA players using trigger point foam roller

As you can see, NBA players are also using Trigger Point GRID Foam Roller for their muscle recovery to cope with the intense games. This also goes to Major League Baseball (MLB) and National Football League (NFL). It’s trusted by Professional Sports Players, so there’s definitely no doubt about it’s quality and effectiveness!

Just like buying my badminton rackets, I would definitely buy things that the professional players are using because it means those things are sort-of backed by them. Since I am using the same thing those pros are using, then the gap between us is all about the skills. HAHA. I then left with no excuse to train and practise 🙂


Unfortunately, Everything has a Downside

The downside for this foam roller is its PRICE. It’s more expensive than many of the foam rollers in the market. Let me give you a price comparison…

foam roller price comparison

Foam Roller price comparison. (From Amazon.com)

Its higher price may seem like a “downside”. But if you look at it carefully, it can be its strength. Why would I say that?

Because it is the highest quality product in the market. This is supported by the 4 reasons I mentioned above. There’s no doubt about its quality.

Let me share with you my Personal Experience with my foam roller!

I’ve been using it myself. My family members also use it. I bought it about 2 years ago and it still looks as if it’s brand new. This is no kidding. The photos of me using the foam roller and demonstrating the hollow-center are taken today when this post was posted. I just took them. My brother and I use it quite frequently because we are both badminton players and this helps us a lot in our games.

Oh yes, I use it on Yoga Mat. It is recommended to use it on a Yoga Mat to prolong its life span.

If you are a sportsman or sportswoman, you cannot afford to miss this.

Even if I use it just before my badminton training, I can feel the difference especially in my muscle durability which helps my stamina. Using it after training help you to get rid of the lactic acids and the soreness of the muscle is minimal the next day.



Just to bring you back to the topic of my website, if you have visited my website, you probably know that my website aims at helping long distance couples. Why am I writing this review then…?

Actually, this is a really great gift for your long distance lover if you are in a long distance relationship. Think about it this way. This foam roller can temporarily replace your massage for your lover. Isn’t that cool? Just like my girlfriend would always like me to massage her before we sleep. (This happens when we had the chance to meet up for a few days. We are still in a long distance relationship.)

I shared my story in “What is a good surprise? 7 Tips for Long Distance Lovers” about how I made this a wonderful and very suitable gift for my girlfriend. If you are interested, do check it out, because this can potentially be your next gift for him/her.

And that’s the end for today’s review and I hope you will make your decision soon. Below is the link to the cheapest place to buy [highlight type=”yellow”] + FREE online instructional video. [/highlight] (Choose your color inside)


Before Making Your Decision…

If you have any other questions and doubts about foam rollers or just foam rolling, please don’t hesitate to ask me below by leaving a comment. I would get back to you asap. I’m here to help you make the optimal decision for YOU. I hope to hear your “$40 dollars well-spent comment” 🙂



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