Long Distance Relationship Ideas: 7 Must-Have For An Enriching Relationship

Long distance relationship can turn out to be boring when you are not meeting each other physically for quite some time. Everyday passes by with similar schedule without your loved one by your side. You can only connect with each other via messages most of the time. What lights up the room sometimes is the video chatting opportunity with your distant partner. So what I’m going to share with you here are 7 ideas to make your long distance relationship an enriching, fun and interesting one (without the need to spend money for 6 of them).


7 Must-Have For An Enriching Long Distance Relationship

1. Mobile Messaging App

This is the most basic “necessity” for any relationship and I’m sure most of you if not all have at least one mobile messaging app in your phone. In modern world, a mobile messaging app for any relationship is just like water in our lives – it’s really a necessity. So I assume you know the importance of this and I’m not going to touch more on this.

What you would like to consider are Apps that include both chatting and video-chatting functions. Skype and Facetime can be good options for video-chatting. But, combining the two functions for the benefit of long distance lovers, I would recommend LINE.

Line_logoDownload your LINE now for FREE:

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brown & cony

Lovey Brown & Cony, Line Characters

2. Instax Camera

Fuji_Instax_mini_8This is the only one that you need to spend some money but it’s definitely worth it. Why? Because capturing and saving the precious moments when you and your distant partner can spend time together is one of the most valuable things in your long distance relationship. Nothing is more meaningful than recording down the memorable moments for reminisce in the future. It will be the reminiscence for life. Long distance relationship is a part of our lives that is worth reminiscing if we work out the relationship eventually.

But why do we need Instax camera instead of just using our smartphones? In the economic’s term, Instax camera is not a substitute for smartphone camera, rather, it’s a COMPLEMENT! It means this is something that will bring you much more fun and enjoyment when you use it together with your smartphone.

Instax photos allow you to save keep them in a beautiful album. You can decorate the Instax film the way you like and mark the date and the place where the photo was taken. Instead of always sliding your screen on your phone, you can be very creative with Instax. There are also many film designs to make your photos more meaningful and memorable.

Instax album collection

The Instax album which collects the photos that we took when we meet up

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3. Lovedays App

Lovedays ScreenshotThis is a day counter to help you record the number of days you and your partner have been together. It also helps couple to remember anniversaries together. There are many similar Apps out there as well and I’ve tried many of them. This is the one I really love because it’s user-interface is really beautiful and easy-to-use. It also allows you to put day counter widget on your home screen as well as your notification bar. So this is the one that I recommend.



Download yours now for FREE:


4. Songs Playlist

mobile-phone-iphone-musicTo make your long distance relationship more fun, you should consider building a playlist which includes all the songs that are meant for long distance couples or just normal couples. There are many songs out there which will really sing into both of your hearts because the lyrics perfectly describe your feelings. You will feel touched and miss your partner even more.

I don’t have a recommendation for this about which App to use because there are simply too many of them and I’m sure you already have one in your phone. Use that and build a playlist specially for both of you.

However, you should discuss with your partner about the songs to be put into the playlist and make sure both of you have the same playlist in your phones. This will make you feel closer and a little bit more intimate. Oh yes, remember to give your playlist a lovely name 🙂


5. Period Tracker

This is an App that guys must take note of! Regardless whether it’s a long distance or close distance relationship, guys MUST keep track of your girls’ period. Why?

Do you know girls will have an uncomfortable week every month which may be incorporated with pain? Do you know her temper at this time will be unpredictable? I’m sure many of you guys know this. Being a responsible and caring partner, why not you take the initiative to understand her and take care of her? If you are roughly aware of her period, you can give her the best support and understand her temper so that it won’t lead to quarrels.

I know it’s impossible for you to physically take care of her if you are in a long distance relationship. But, you must at least be aware of her period so that you can give her mental support. You can also understand why sometimes she may not be replying your message or being indifferent to you.

This is an App that I found very useful due to its functions available and again its user-interface as well. This can come in handy when you want to have baby or use together with other contraceptives for birth control.



Download yours now for FREE:


6. Properly Planned Schedule

A properly planned schedule will only benefit a long distance relationship. Couples in a long distance relationship usually have very different endeavors and daily schedule, some are even affected by time zones. That’s why a properly planned schedule that can satisfy both of you is really important. Or else you will realize that you have lesser and lesser time for each other when you are busy.

I don’t have anything to recommend for this as well because this is something that differs from couple to couple. What you should be doing is to discuss with your partner about when to video-chat, when to play games together, when to watch movie online together, things like that. Other than that, you should let your partner know about your daily schedules so that there won’t be times when your partner cannot find you.


7. Determined, Faithful & Loving Hearts

pexels-photoLast but not least, your hearts are the most important thing that will have the biggest impact on your relationship. Without determined, faithful and loving hearts, your relationship cannot work out no matter what.

Please put in your 100% into your relationship! Otherwise, don’t start one when you are not prepared. You are not only going to hurt your partner but you will hurt yourself eventually.


Distance means so little when someone means so much.

Thank you for reading and I wish you all the best in your relationship!

Comment below to tell me what you think about the ideas here or share with me your personal tips and ideas.

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