Long Distance Lovers Toys: Review For The Most Intimate Sex Toy Today

Who want sex without being physically together? Most of the people would answer I WANT. According to research, many long distance lovers have the desire to interact in real time without any delay. That’s why Skype and FaceTime is so common nowadays. BUT, only seeing each other on the screen is not enough. People are looking for more ways to be as intimate as possible with their lover. So here comes phone sex, sex chat, online sex, video sex and many more. Today, having sex in a long distance relationship is not a dream anymore. There is this long distance lovers toys that totally revolutionized the way people interact. Continue reading and I will introduce to you the most intimate and high-tech toy today for long distance lovers!


My Personal Case

I’m in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend. After some time, we started talking about sex topics. We both were eager to have sex. But given the long distance, we were only left with video sex at most. So we tried that. Despite our shyness and embarrassment at the beginning, we showed each other the most intimate parts of our body and masturbated together while enjoy looking at each other’s nude via LINE video chat. It was a pretty good experience and we are still doing it when we have time.

However, as a normal human being, we are always looking for more. One day, I searched online for couples sex toys. I found this high-tech toy for couples very soon as it is the only toy that is categorized under “High-tech toys for couples”. I was truly amazed by it’s technology and what it has to offer for long distance lovers.


Finally, Let Me Introduce To You
Onyx + Pearl Couple by KiirooOnyx_Pearl2-copy-2-1

Name: Onyx + Pearl Couple
USD$369.00 inc. VAT
Made by:
Kiiroo, Amsterdam
Overall Rank:
9.5 out of 10
1 year
Who it’s for: Straight Long Distance Lovers
Estimated Delivery Time: 3-5 days (ships out within 1-3 business days)


For the Lesbians and Gay Lovers, here are the links for your toys 🙂


Don’t be scared by the price! This is not any ordinary sex toy. Continue reading to find out how amazing this toy is.

Introducing Pearl & Onyx


Pearl & Onyx In Real Action (Must watch!)


Kiiroo Co-Founder’s Presentation on TED


Quick Overview

Kiiroo Onyx and Kiiroo Pearl are revolutionary sex toys that allow you to feel your lover from anywhere in the world. Each toy is Bluetooth enabled and can communicate directly when connected to the Kiiroo video chat platform or app. You can give and receive pleasure from a partnered toy and enjoy secured SEXY video chat with your partner on Kiiroo’s exclusive platform for members.


Onyx_packageKiiroo Onyx is an Automatic Male Masturbator. Onyx is lined with Fleshlight SuperSkin, an ultra-soft and lifelike material designed to give you the most satisfying experience. Inside Onyx is the patented pleasure core, which consists of 10 contracting rings that move in sync to mimic the sensation of thrust. When connected to Kiiroo Pearl, the pleasure core will mimic her movements, for an interactive erotic experience online.


Pearl_packageKiiroo Pearl is a Touch Sensitive Vibrator. When stroked, the Pearl will transmit these movements to Kiiroo Onyx, which will respond by moving in sync. The Onyx user can control the speed and pattern of vibration of the Pearl with the external touch pad. Two-way communication between toys gives you the ability to maintain intimacy with your lover from anywhere in the world.


Additional Information You Might Want To Know

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth to Desktop
  • Charging Time: Onyx – 4 Hours, Pearl – 2 Hours
  • Useing Time: Onyx – 1 Hour, Pearl – 1 Hour
  • Other: Onyx – Exterior capacitive touchpad, Interior Fleshlight® sleeve, Pearl – Exterior hygiene silicone, Waterproof
  • Software Platform: Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Mac OSX 10.8 and onwards


By purchasing The Couple Set, you will get:

  • Kiiroo Onyx (smart male masturbator)
  • Kiiroo Pearl (smart vibrator)
  • Satin storage bag
  • Accessories
    • USB charging cable
    • Instruction manual
    • Authenticity card


Cleaning Your Sex Toys Is Never So Easy

1. Cleaning Your Pearl




2. Cleaning Your Onyx





  • XBIZ Award Winner 2015 – New Pleasure Products Company of the year
  • Adult Entertainment Virtual Award Winner 2015 – Best Pleasure Award Company of the year
  • Live Cam Awards Winner 2016 – Best Interactive Pleasure Product
  • Dusk TV Porna Awards Winner 2016 – Best Couple Play



  • Latest Teledildonics Technology
  • Patents Pending
  • Awards Winning
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Partnered with Fleshlight’s technology
  • Can be used individually or with your lover
  • Able to integrate with Virtual Reality (VR) to provide an even higher level of pleasure
  • Able to connect with any Kiiroo device – One connects to many is possible to satify people’s various desire
  • Convenient Online Customer Support – Live Chat Available


  • Charging of devices requires 4 hours & 2 hours respectively for Onyx & Pearl. Whilst, they can only use for 1 hour each. They need to be charged constantly.
  • It’s more expensive than normal sex toys but this is only because it is a higher quality product and it offers a different level of pleasure and enjoyment.
  • Currently, Kiiroo’s Asian delivery options are very limited. They can only ship to Hong Kong & Japan for the Asian countries. For the rest of the continents, delivery is available.


My Final Opinion

It is very clear that these latest long distance lovers toys are the best. Their pros are unlimited. The above 3 cons are the only cons that I can come out with. This set of toys are definitely more expensive than the ordinary sex toys. This is also the most common concern people have. BUT, you must be aware. These toys are EXTRAORDINARY. They are not just sex toys. Kiiroo provides the first social platform with an intimate touch. By purchasing this couple set, you are actually entering a new and secured social platform that you can enjoy either yourself or with your lover. That’s why they are a little bit more expensive. But I can assure you that they definitely worth every penny.

Take note! With a higher quality product, your toy can last you LONGER. It is also SAFER to use. So it may not necessarily be more expensive than ordinary sex toys in the long term. But it definitely gives you EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCE.

This set is a perfect gift for your long distance lovers to make your relationship more intimate and fun. Again, it’s not just a sex toy. It can also lubricate and improve your relationships to the next level. I would like to see the same results of how my relationship has upgraded on YOU! Take this opportunity to give yourself and your lover more pleasure. Let it upgrade your life and your relationship simultaneously!


>>Get Your Pearl + Onyx Couple Here<<



  • Water-based lubricant

A water-based lubricant is necessary not only for a better feeling but also for protecting the toys from unnecessary friction to prolong the lifetime of the toys. Fleshlube is a water-based personal lubricant designed to work perfectly with the Fleshlight® Superskin™ sleeve inside your Kiiroo Onyx, as well as your Pearl vibrator. Fleshlube is made from the highest quality ingredients, and is dermatologically tested to ensure a safe and pleasurable ride.

Fleshlube_elementary_pack–>Fleshlube Water (100 ml) – provides optimal moisture to create a soft, smooth solo sex experience

–>Fleshlube Fire (100 ml) – stimulate warming effect on contact as it moistens, providing a soft, smooth and extra-heated solo sex experience

–>Fleshlube Ice (100 ml) – stimulating cooling effect on contact as it moistens, providing a soft, smooth solo sex experience

–>Fleshlube Elementary Pack (Water+Fire+Ice) (Total 300 ml)

Get Yours Here!




  • Onyx Fleshlight Sleeve

A patented Fleshlight® Superskin™ sleeve exclusively designed for Kiiroo Onyx male masturbator’s Pleasure Core, and a replacement should you need one. The sleeve texture features an array of stimulating bumps, and promises an unforgettable squeeze as you thrust forward into the tight canal. This accessory is for your replacement should you have a need to change it.

Onyx_Fleshlight_Sleeve–>Onyx Fleshlight Sleeve x1



You Can Enjoy the Great Pleasure YOURSELF

Last but not least, you do not need to have a long distance lover for you to get these toys. Even if you are single or whatsoever, rewarding yourself with the pleasure you deserve always gives you the reason to get this.

For guys, click here to get your Onyx. Click here to get your Onyx+15-day VRP trial+Free VR headset. On top of normal masturbating, you are able to play together with virtual reality, online models and porn. Oh yes, you are able to feel some of the porn stars’ vagina as well.

For ladies, click here to get your Pearl. It will be your best partner when you are alone. It’s one of the best vibrators today. The shape is designed to stimulate your G-Spot.

I want YOU to get the same amount of pleasure and level of improvement in my relationship. I want YOU to be more intimate with your distant lover. Don’t let go of this brilliant opportunity!


For your happiness & pleasure,

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Founder of Long Distance Mentors

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