How To Have Great Foreplay? 8 Steps For Men

Feel and Touch Asa Akira with Kiiroo, Designer Teledildonics Do you have the misunderstanding that sex is just about intercourse? It’s definitely not. It’s about the whole process, from foreplay to after-sex bath and talk. In order to have a great sex experience her, you have to start your foreplay right.

Let me tell you the truth! Foreplay is a critical part that will determine her orgasm. If you want her to praise you about how good you are in bed, it is a MUST for you to master foreplay.

How do I give her a great foreplay, you may ask… Let me give you the following 8 steps and 3 additional tips that you need to know. I promise you that you will WOW her tonight if you follow these steps closely. These steps are proven time and time again that they really work.

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8 Steps, Follow closely…

1. Sense of Security – Atmosphere Is Important

Creating a relaxed and romantic atmosphere is a step that you cannot ignore. The right atmosphere helps her to be in the mood faster.

If you are in a hotel, make sure you choose a room with great sound insulation as much as possible. If you are at home, make sure no one else is at home or at least no one will be able to disturb you. All these is to create the sense of security for her to be in the great condition for sex. A better sense of security leads to less stress and better feeling for her.

2. Undress Her Slowly

undress-her-slowlyAfter you’ve created an atmosphere that is suitable, it’s time to undress each other. At the same time, there can be dirty talks and kissing going on. Make sure you do it slowly and gently.

3. Take a Shower Together

shower-togetherShowering together before sex is not only for hygiene purposes but also to enhance your sexual motivation. Your hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin, and vasopressin (don’t care about the terminology) will start to build up. Very likely, you will find her pussy to be wet after the shower (not because of the water obviously).

Showering together is also a way to relieve her stress if any (especially for beginners). She needs to be in a very relaxed state in order to have orgasm so build that atmosphere for her. It’s also for your own good.

There is no specific tips or sequence for showering but you should be cleaning each other’s body, especially genitals.

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4. Let’s Begin In Bed

romance-of-romantic-couple-in-bed-roomThe followings are things that you should start off with in bed…

  • Looking into her eyes
  • Praise her
  • Talk dirty to arouse her sexual motivation
  • Kissing
  • Massage

(In foreplay, every details count. Your aim is to make her happy and relaxed.)

Please don’t skip these seemingly simple yet important steps!

You shouldn’t be going straight to her genital. You need to arouse her and make her ask for it. I’m not saying that she needs to literally “ask” for it. What I mean is to create her eagerness for you to stimulate and pleasure her.

5. Don’t Forget the Important Parts

man-kissing-womans-neckAs what I’ve just said, don’t rush to her pussy. This will give her the feeling that you just want her for sex which is not going to do you any good in this situation at all.

  1. Start with her lips. I mean literally kissing the lips of her mouth.
  2. Followed by ears and neck. All these are actually very sensitive parts that people tend to ignore or don’t even know they exist.
  3. Stay at her boobs for a bit longer. Stimulate her tits. You can use both your hands and mouth/tongue.
  4. Down her body, skip the most important part and go to her inner thigh.
  5. Finally, move slowly to her inner lips down there (labia minora).
  6. Gently kiss and lick her inner lips and slowly spread them, again licking from the base to the top, ending up on the clitoris.

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6. Use Your Mouth & Tongue

tongueNow, you’ve finally come to her inner lips and clitoris. Utilize your mouth and tongue to stimulate them as much as possible. But remember your ultimate goal with your tongue is for her clitoris. You should be licking the clitoris with the tip of your tongue, going up, down, back and forth. You can also suck the clit and kiss it, just do a mish mash of everything.

7. Now, Together with Finger

index-fingerYou can use any finger to stimulate her clitoris, alternate with your tongue.

After that, you will be introducing some penetration into the mix and will really send her over the edge. By this time, she’ll usually say something like “Just fuck me already!”

What you will be using when penetrating is your index finger. I repeat, Index Finger Only! Don’t follow what many Adult Videos show, things like using 2 fingers…

Place your index finger inside and begin pushing in and pulling out (very slowly) whilst still working on her clitoris using your tongue. This is the where you are sending your girl to heaven and possibly reach orgasm even before the actual intercourse.

One point to take note at this point of time is to make sure both her vagina and lips and your finger are sufficiently moistened because inserting a dry finger will very likely to make her painful. That is also why we need to start slowly.

Oh yes! Remember to cut your finger nails beforehand! You wouldn’t want to hurt your girl.

8. G-Spot!


You should stimulate both G-Spot and Clitoris at the same time. You can send your girl to moon!

Last but not least, aim for the G-Spot, so that she’ll have a better chance of achieving an orgasm.

The G-spot is about 2 inches into her vagina. It’s a rough and uneven surface at the top of the vagina when she’s lying down. Curl your index finger a bit and try to stimulate that part. Remember to continue stimulating her clitoris with your tongue.

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Another tip here is to mix all the tricks here and there. Do not continue doing the same thing for a long time. For example, while inserting your finger, sometimes your other hand can go to her boobs or you can go back to kissing her while stimulating her clitoris.

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3 Additional Tips

1. Be Gentle & Observant!

Unlike what many AVs show, girls in real life love to be treated gently and like a princess. Being gentle also prevents to make her painful accidentally.

At the same time, you should be observant of her reaction and body language. You should know when she is painful and when she is very turned on or having an orgasm. This is for you to react accordingly as fast as possible. You may not master it right now but you will get it after a few times.

2. It’s All About Her Mood

I need to remind you again that women are very different from men. While the most important part of sex for men is ejaculation, the whole process of sex is all very important to women. Women’s orgasm is very much affected by her mood and the atmosphere. Creating a sense of security for her is vital in bringing her to orgasm. Women want you to show your love for them more than just having sex. Sex for them means something more. It’s not just physical enjoyment like most men do. Understand this and don’t be selfish in bed anymore.

You’ve known so much. From now on, I’m sure she will love you a lot more!

3. Position 69? Forget it!

69Position 69 is where you are giving an oral or hand job for each other at the same time with both of your body being in opposite direction. This can be commonly seen in AVs.

I’ve tried this myself and let me tell you…forget about it because it is not as comfortable and enjoying as it seems. Imaging you are doing some work while enjoying. The enjoyment you get will definitely be less than when you are not doing anything and simply enjoying.

This is just my personal opinion from my own experience. You can go and try it out yourself and tell me below what you think about it.

Now, it’s time for you to take action. Follow these 8 steps and keep in mind of the 3 tips. You are ready to go!

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Please let me know what you think about the steps or any questions you have. If you like this post, please kindly share it and press the ‘like’ button.

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Good luck!

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