How I Met Her

It was 2nd December 2014, the end of my High School year 1. I could even rememeber so clearly the exact dates. My family was having a trip to the southern part of Taiwan – Pintung & Kao Hsiung. The first stop was Pintung to see my paternal grandma. After that we headed to Kao Hsiung to relax a bit at a hotel called E-DA ROYAL HOTEL. This was the place! The place I met my wife (I haven’t married her yet but we call each other wife and husband!)

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E-DA royal hotel

It was the last few hours before we were checking out and going back to our house in Taichung. My mum asked me to try out the SPA at this 5-Star hotel. I wasn’t planning to go initially. But I went there anyway, which was so-called the best dicision I’ve made in my life! ?

I tried out all the different facilities in the SPA area. But I felt a bit uneasy as if someone is monitoring me. I didn’t think about it too much.

My mum left for a shower first so I was the only one left at the SPA because it was a weekday morning. There weren’t many people. After a while, I decided it’s my turn to have a shower.

“Excuse me!”, two ladies walked toward me and said one of them. I realized they were the lifeguards of the SPA.

“May I take a photo with you?”, said one of them. I was surprised by the request as it’s the first time ever someone asked for a photo with me. I chuckled secretly in my heart and accepted the request. I couldn’t think and consider about all the different consequences at that time as my mind was messed up. I just intuitively accepted it.

Where I met my wife

Our first photo


After taking the photo, I rushed into the toilet and tried to calm myself down. I was really excited. I looked at myself in the mirror and mumbled to myself, “I’m such a handsome guy…I’m so sexy….” (HAHA, I can’t really remember what I said but I was pretty excited at my first romantic encounter) After the shower, I waited at the SPA lobby for my mum. I wasn’t dare to look at the girl who asked me for photo. She was just sitting at the counter there with her colleague.

During our way back to our room, another staff ran toward us and stopped us. “Hi, the girl who asked you for a photo just now wants to have your Line ID (Chatting App), is it possible?”, she said. I accepted it intuitively.

Afterward, we start chatting via Line when I was back in Taichung and talked about the impromptu and unexpected meet.

This was how I met my wife <3

Eventually, she turns out to be the lifeguard that saved my life!


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