Free Chat Apps For Couples: Which one is the Best?

Free Chat Apps are all over the Internet right now, with more and more coming out. It’s hard to decide which one to use. What you may feel today is that you are using more and more chatting Apps when your friends are using them. So it has become the case that we use different Apps for different people. But, which one is the best to use with your lover? Have you ever thought about that? There are many that are specially developed for couples. But those are not the most common ones. What I would like to do in this article is to give you some personal insights for different chatting Apps.

(P.S. I know many couples use Skype and Facetime but I’m not going to talk about them here because my focus is on those Apps that have at least the chat function. Skype and Facetime are mostly/only used for video chat.)


The Most Commonly Used Free Chat Apps

After doing some research, the following graph shows the 4 most commonly used Apps around the world – Line, WeChat, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.



Click image to enlarge. (Remember to press the return button when done, don’t close the window) Source: Business Associe

You can see that WhatsApp has the most monthly active users of 1 billion as of February 2016, followed by Facebook Messenger, WeChat and Line. However, being the most commonly used App doesn’t mean it is the best for connecting with your partner. Here’s why…


My Recommendation + Analysis

Let me rank them according to my recommendation for you.

  1. Line
  2. WeChat
  3. Facebook Messenger
  4. WhatsApp

Line (1)Line is my number one choice because it deserves it!


  • High quality stickers
  • It allows people to design their own stickers and upload to earn money. This increases the variety and creativity of the stickers. I especially like the Brown & Cony series developed by LINE itself because it’s simply the most lovely series that is very suitable for lovers.
  • Line also has a lot of stickers that has voice and animation which really make a lot of difference for long distance lovers.
  • Able to customize background of the chat.
  • A variety of themes available to choose from or buy from.
  • Able to preview stickers so that you know what you are sending. This is especially useful for animated stickers.
  • Line allows you to send stickers and themes as gift via chat. So it’s a really good gift option for couples.
  • Line account can be integrated with phone number, email address and Facebook account, anyone of them will do. (Disadvantage see below.)
    line chat screenshot

    My customized Line Chat with my girlfriend

    brown & cony

    Lovely Line characters sticker – Brown and Cony


  • Line Points (Previously called Line Free Coins) cannot be transferred when you change your phone of different operating system.
  • The flexibility to integrate with phone number, email address and Facebook account makes it more complicated  and troublesome when you are transferring your account. This happens when you change phone or use different device to log in.

WeChat (1)WeChat is very similar to Line but it is mostly used by the Chinese people and I’m not very familiar with it so I put it second. (Excuse me for this)

facebook messengerFacebook Messenger has similar functions as Line and WeChat (chatting + video-chatting) but the user-interface is a lot different from the first two.


  • Facebook Messenger supports some games to be played within the chat which can be used by couples.


  • It’s sticker quality is not as good for lovers compared to the previous two.
  • Inability to preview stickers. (Update: Stickers can be previewed. The trick is to press at the sticker for 2 to 3 seconds, then the preview will be shown.)
  • Inability to customize the background of the chat while the previous two can.
  • No themes available. Can only change theme color. But once changed, not only yours will be changed, the other people in the chat will also have their theme color changed. I think this is a pretty stupid function because what people like to do is to decorate their OWN chat on their phone.

whatsapp (1)WhatsApp is very different from the above three because it doesn’t support video-chatting right now. That’s why I ranked it last despite it has the most monthly active user. My focus here is the best App for (long distance) couples!


  • User-interface is easy-to-use.
  • Sending and receiving messages is very fast and easy. (The advantage of no stickers, only emojis.)
  • Able to customize background of the chat.
  • Easy to transfer account when you change your phone as WhatsApp must be integrated with a phone number. Simply enter the phone number, the same account will appear. Unlike Line which have a few rules and things to take note when transferring account or else your information will be lost.


  • Video-chatting not available. (Currently, only Internet calls are available.)
  • No stickers available. This is a big disadvantage for couples as compared to those that have stickers because suitable stickers can really bring couples closer especially when they are far apart.
  • No theme options available.


LINE is the Best for Couples

By analyzing the pros and cons for the four most commonly used chatting Apps, LINE definitely wins. For couples, what is more important is about how the App makes them feel more love and feel closer. Line did a great job on this. It works on various areas such as stickers and themes to allow easy customization.

The reason that WhatsApp has the most number of users is probably because of it’s convenience in normal daily communication. It is fast and easy-to-use. However, the disadvantage for this is that there is not much variation and customization available. Probably, WhatsApp may come out with a video-chatting function in the future. We will see how then.

But for now, in terms of the characteristics that appeals to couples, Line is the one.

I hope you enjoy my article and find it useful in deciding the right free chat App for you. Please comment below to inform me for any mistakes or any new updates in my information.

If you find my article useful, please share it with your friends and allow them to make the right decision. Any comments are warmly welcomed.



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