How To Earn Money As A Teenager?

Teenagers often feel that they do not have much freedom as they have to get the permission from their parents to do many things and there are many things that parents do not allow. This often happen because teenagers need to ask for money from their parents. Thus parents have the power to control them. This article is mainly about how to earn money as a teenager so that they can gain more freedom to do things they want without the need to ask for money from their parents. Even if you are not a teenager, I still highly recommend you to pay attention especially the last part as you will find new ways to earn money for yourself, at home, at your own pace, on your computer. I will give you the opportunity to work at home and bring in continuous passive income. If you are tired of your job, here is your chance to quit it.


My Case

If you’ve read the story about me at My Story page, you would have known that I’m still undergoing school education. I have not attended University and I am not financially independent yet. These are the two reasons that my parents gave me a few months ago when they banned me from meeting my girlfriend. I need to ask them for permission to meet my girlfriend as I need to fly over from Singapore to Taiwan. I need their money for me to fly over. My mum told me don’t ask them about meeting her again as they will not allow anymore. Since that day, I knew the only way to escape from their control is to be financially independent myself so that I can afford all the things I want to do.

If you are currently facing similar issues, I’m going to show you 6 powerful ways for you to earn money as a teenager. It’s perfectly fine if you are not a teenager but you need to pay attention too! Your chance of quitting your job is here.


6 Powerful Ways For You To Earn Money As A Teenager – No joke!

1. Part Time Jobs With The Help Of Apps/Websites

Many teenagers may be doing part-time jobs already. Part time job is one of the ways for you to earn money especially if you do not have high educational certification. Now, with more and more job searching Apps/websites around the world, it makes job finding a lot easier and faster. Some examples are listed below:

I’m not going to provide reviews for each platform here as that is not the main focus here. But there are many jobs out their that do not require you to have good looking resume or high educational certification.


2. Tutoring

With more and more focus on education in the recent years, tuition industry has boomed. Many parents and students are finding tuition centers or tutors to help them/their children to score in examinations. As a teenager, you may have an area of study that you are good at. Use the knowledge you have to make money.

I have friends who only graduated from high school, but are able to be hired in tuition centers or even find students personally to teach. Don’t waste the knowledge you have. Start tutoring people who need help and make fast money from that. No certificates are needed. The only difference is that you will get paid higher if you are a certified teacher or tutor. But that doesn’t mean you can’t teach without a certificate.


3. Sell Your Stuff

The next way to make fast cash is with Craigslist. Sell your old stuff at home to convert it to cash now.


4. Become A Freelancer

There are many freelancing platforms now. Upwork.com is one of them. For any of the outsourcing services, you can be a service provider if you have a skill you can offer up there.


5. Offer Your Services Or Stuff Cheap

Think of the talents you have and convert it to instant cash now on Fiverr.com. Fiverr is a platform which you can offer services such as drawing, writing, website developments, designing, YouTube account setup…and many many more. Basically you can provide any service you want. There are even people offering “pranks” as a service. The difference between Fiverr and other outsourcing platform is that most of the service on Fiverr is USD$5.



The last powerful way to earn money is for anyone who has a laptop or a computer and a decent internet access. (Actaully, all the above ways are suitable for everyone as long as you are willing to do it) Unlike the above ways which are only short term to earn fast cash, this last way is the way that I recommend the most as it is a long term method.

Let me introduce to you Wealthy Affiliate. The best way to earn money online is by setting up a website yourself and sell any products that you want to sell. You do not have to produce your own products. You simply have to become an affiliate of the producer to sell their products to earn commission. This is a great way to sell things that you love and you want to share it to others and make money at the same time.

wealthy affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is the right platform for you to build your website from scratch and make it an ATM for you. I know there are many scams out there. I can totally understand your skepticism. But I can assure you Wealthy Affiliate is the best. No scam.

Here is a complete review from ScamXposer: Wealthy Affiliate Review 

[highlight type=”yellow”] Your income potential is $5,000 to over $10,000+ per month (USD) [/highlight]

Wealthy Affiliate has the best support in the world you can get in the niche of affiliate marketing business. It is designed for beginner so you do not have to worry about anything. No credit card is required for you to start training and build your own website.


My Last Words

This is not an earn money fast method but it is a long term passive income generating business. I would recommend everyone to give it a try, no matter who you are. You will not regret. Anyway, it’s FREE to get started.

 So let’s become a $uper Wealthy Affiliate!

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Jerry Huang

Jerry Huang is a young internet entrepreneur specializing in affiliate marketing. He is also the founder of Long Distance Mentors. He is passionate in helping couples to overcome obstacles in long distance relationships as he has years of experience in building a successful long distance relationship with his girlfriend who is 10 years older than him. His hobbies are reading, playing badminton and building home-based business.

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