14 Benefits Of A Long Distance Relationship: The Most Complete List From My Own Experience

Let’s get started with my 14 ultimate benefits of a long distance relationship. This article has the most complete list regarding the benefits of a long distance relationship. I know there are articles out there containing more benefits but not all of them are significant. I’ve compiled this list through an hour of so of research plus my own personal experience. So I can guarantee you that these are all the significant benefits of a long distance relationship and not an article containing many small insignificant points.

“Distance makes the hearts grow fonder.” is one of those obnoxious, sarcastic yet somehow inspirational and comforting quotes told to couples who are new to long distance relationship. However, let me tell you, this quote is TRUE as long as you are with the right person for you. (See the last benefit below to learn what Science says about this.) 

I don’t blame people who are skeptical towards long distance relationship and how they tried to convince me about giving up my long distance relationship because they either have not much experience in it or they are just skeptics who probably had failed before.


14 Benefits Of A Long Distance Relationship

1. Enjoy A Very Long Love Bubble

Line Video chat screenshot

Her smile is the best cure for everything.

According to Urban Dictionary, love bubble is the period of time immediately after falling in love when one’s obligations, plans, communication with others, and sometimes necessities become neglected due to the desire to spend time with another person.

One of the major issues normal couples who can meet up with each other frequently face is that this love bubble may not last very long. This means that after that short period of time, the strong feeling of love and affection may fade.

However, for long distance couples, I can assure you that this won’t happen. Due to the distance, you will be looking forward to the next Skype session and the next meet up. You will miss your lover everyday. Even a short message from your lover will cheer you up. A video chatting session will literally wipe away all the unhappiness of the day. This kind of things doesn’t really happen for normal couples. On top of that, your love bubble will be renewed after every meet up. This is from my own experience. I fall for her again and again every time especially after the long-waited meet up.


2. You Are More Able To Pursue Your Own Interests & Passion

Since you are far apart, you have the time and space for yourself to pursue your own interests and passion. You are already limited by the distance to meet her physically. Why not use the time to invest in yourself and map out the bright future for two of you?

For me personally, I have no choice but to serve national service in Singapore. She is in Taiwan. For this period of time, I utilize my precious weekend to catch up with her. But more importantly, I invest the free time I have and the allowance from national service to learn online marketing skills which I plan to generate passive income streams to support us and give her a high quality life in the future.

What about you? Have you been planning out your blueprint and the life you want with your lover when you actually make it?

This lead me to my next benefit…


3. You Will Become An Expert In Planning (Plus Tip Of The Day)

Once you are engaged in a healthy long distance relationship, you will start to plan your day to squeeze out the time for that Skype session. You will also start to plan the next meet up things like that.

BUT, more imprtantly….

The only way to make your long distance relationship to work out is to have a proper plan. The plan is about how you are going maintain and upgrade your relationship till the day you end your long distance. If you are a student, you need to think about how you can become financially independent to work out the relationship. If you are an adult with a steady income, you need to think about how you are going to end the long distance situation. Also, you need to think about how to increase your income to upgrade your life even after your long distance situation has ended.

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We have to admit that money is one of the necessities for a healthy relationship. It’s also one of the reasons that people are engaging in a long distance relationship. So…

Tip of the day #1: Plan out your dream life with your partner so that both of you have a common goal.

This will be the outcome that both of you are eagerly looking forward to. Once you have a common goal, your long distance relationship will be meaningful with massive momentum. This is one of the key factors for a long distance relationship to work out.

My personal goal with my girlfriend is to get married by my 25th birthday. But before that, I need to be financially independent and sustainable as we plan to live a freedom life – Own houses in multiple countries and be able to travel anywhere anytime we want. That’s why I am aiming to become an internet entrepreneur that can earn passive income from anywhere in the world.

What’s in your mind now? Quickly jot down your ideas and organize them into a detailed plan with your partner!


4. If Things Go Well, Distance Helps Trust Grow Exponentially (Plus Tips Of The Day)

Trust me! With all the planning and dream life in both of your minds, the level of trust will definitely grow exponentially. After you are engaged in a long distance for some time and things go right, you can feel the strong trust amongst you.

But, the precondition for this is that “things go well”. This means that you have to work on it consistently. The most common trust related issue is that you suspect your partner for doing anything bad against you such as cheating when he or she is far away from you to “monitor”.

Tip of the day #2: You MUST consistently update your partner about what you are doing.

I’m not saying about the very trivial matters in your daily life. I’m talking about things like what you will be doing today, tomorrow, this week, this month… It’s important to let your partner know your schedule, for example, your work schedule, school schedule or any major events. But, it is also important to tell your partner what you are doing at certain moments during the days. This is to enable your partner to image what you are doing when he or she misses you.

The most important thing to keep in mind is [highlight type=”yellow”]EMPATHY[/highlight]. Whatever you want to know about your partner, you need to take the initiative to tell him or her about it first. Similarly, if you like to listen to certain words from your partner, you should take the initiative to say it first, vice versa. Everything is just simple logic and respect.

Tip of the day #3: In any relationship, regardless of boy-girl-relationships, friendships or whatsoever, just remember….


If you can’t remember anything that I said today after this, just remember this point! Having empathy is one of the most important skills you should have in the world. Keep reminding yourself about this. You will benefit from it.

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5. Never Run Out Of Things To Talk About & Ideas Of Where To Travel To

Being in different places, you will sure have many things to talk about when you have time to send messages or Skype with each other. So, remember to jot down things in your life and things that you want to tell your partner. It can be done on a piece of paper or your smartphone so that you won’t forget about what you wanted to say when you chat.

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When coming out with places to travel is also a piece of cake for long distance lovers as two of you are in different places and there will sure be many places to travel to in both of your areas. And from what I personally experienced, the place does not really matter for long distance lovers. As long as  both of you are able to meet up, any place is fine because you simply miss each other too much.


6. Figure Out Your True Love

This is really cruel. But it is the reality. It is easier for you to judge a person of whether he or she really loves you if two of you have experienced long distance.

I remember my secondary school teacher told us how he and his wife decided their life partners (which is each other) and finally got married after 7 years of long distance relationship.

“If you survive the distance, your relationship can survive anything.” I can assure you that this sentence is really true.


7. You Will Become More Independent

One of the problems that normal couples faces is that one may be too reliant on the other. But studies have shown that a healthy long term relationship requires both parties to be somewhat independent. This independent is not saying that one can live without another. Couples in a true love cannot live without each other but can be independent in dealing with things happening around the world everyday.

Long distance relationship is a good training for both of you to be more independent and eventually leads to a fruitful long term relationship that ends with: “They live happily ever after….”


8. You Will Treasure The Time You Have For Each Other (Plus Tip Of The Day)

This is easily understandable so not much explanation is needed I guess.

Just remember, spend the time well and concentrate on each other, not anything else, because you have limited time for each other in the first place. You need to have a good management in prioritizing your tasks.

Tip of the day #4: If it’s the time for your partner, DON’T DO ANYTHING ELSE!


9. Lesson For Effective Communication

Communication is key to all relationships. The only difference between long distance relationship and normal relationship is that there is a lack of face to face interactions for the former. Long distance lovers often communicate via internet messages, video chats, internet calls such as Skype or any other social media these days. This trains you in effective communication as you need to get your messages over fast and clear. Or else long distance quarrels may occur.

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Again, one of the important factors of effective communication is EMPATHY! I can’t stress this enough. The tip for empathy is just to put yourself into other people’s shoes. Try to understand every single situation in different angles. Once you get the hang of it, you will find that you will automatically put yourself into other people’s shoes every time in any situation. I came through this before. Trust me, it takes time and practice. But you will get it.


10. Full Of Exotic Travel & Adventure

Follow me!

Follow me!

Now you are in a long distance relationship. You have more reasons to travel than ever before.

More importantly, you have the right companion with you. The right companion is more important than the place. Treasure the opportunity and the time you have together! It will be fun and memorable.



11. You Make More Memorable Moments (Plus Tip Of The Day)

Save your moments

Save your moments the way you want

You will definitely treasure every moment you can spend with your partner. This is something that is hard to achieve for normal couples.

Every moment is your moment. So…

Tip of the day #5: Always capture your moment and save it!

Find your way to save your memorable moments. You will regret if you didn’t do it as this leads me to my next point…

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12. Having An Amazing Story (Plus Tip Of The Day)

Long distance story is always one of the most interesting stories. People are curious about how you overcame all the difficulties and ended with a happy ending.

My story hasn’t reached the happy ending yet. I’m along the way with you. But surely, a long distance story of yours, if recorded down properly, can be really interesting to share with your friends and others.

Tip of the day #6: Monetize your long distance story and experience.

I’m not comparing your relationship to money. I’m saying that you can earn money from this expertise you have. Yes, you actually have expertise in this! With this experience, you already have a niche. Plus the interesting story you have to share, you can develop a steady income stream online.

Here are some of the things you can do:

1. Create eBooks to sell

2. Write books and publish

3. Create online training series/packages

4. Be a consultant

5. Create products to sell for long distance lovers

There are many more ways you can make money in this niche but the above ways require you to have very specialized knowledge. Not many people can do it. But the following way is the way I recommend and it is the way that I am doing right now right here.

[highlight type=”yellow”]6. Create a website and monetize it![/highlight]

make-money-online-540_1340932656_croppedAbove picture is the process you can earn money online in any niche. Basically, you first set up your website, then you drive visitors to your website. After that, you can promote Amazon or ClickBank products to them and earn a commission. It sounds simple but it is indeed simple. For more information, please refer to the last part of the post “How to make money as a teenager?


13. You Get To Experience The Life-Changing Love That You Thought Only Existed In Movies

No explanation is needed for this point. You will empathize this when you get there.

Take My Story as an example. I do feel the life-changing love. The scenes of how we met and got together ONLY HAPPEN IN MOVIES. We met in a hotel Spa when she requested a photo with me. We got together only 10 days after we met. Check out my story here.


14. And If All Of These Still Doesn’t Convince You, Science Says Distance Does Actually Make The Heart Grow Fonder!



Thank you for reading the 14 benefits of a long distance relationship. I spent around 5 hours to come out with this post (including some research and planning). I hope you have read everything if not most of them because I do sincerely want to offer massive values through my tips and advice as well as personal experience.

If you are currently engaged in a long distance relationship, I’m sure this will benefit you somehow.

If you are not, I can only request you to offer support to those who are and don’t be skeptical towards long distance relationship anymore.

Once again, thank you for reading this long post and I wish you all my best in your relationship!




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