6 Terrible Misunderstandings About Sex: What You Must Know Before Having Sex

Due to the prevalence of Adult Video websites, many of us today actually learn most of the things about sex from AVs. This is even more so for Asian countries where sex is a very sensitive topic and is seldom brought up in any conversation. However,  I can assure you that AVs are 99% unreal because they are only for entertainment purposes. So many of the things we learn are actually wrong and these misunderstandings about sex can potentially harm our sex life and even destroy our relationships. After all, sex is an integral part of a healthy relationship, we cannot afford to mess it up.

The purpose of this post is to change the most common misunderstandings most of us have about sex and are practicing wrongly.

Are you ready to transform your sex life and even your relationship?

Misunderstanding #1

Girl says NO means YES

In a boy-girl relationship (BGR), this may be true. Girls usually want guys to have tacit understanding and know what they are thinking. (Which guys generally fail) So, many experienced people suggested that when girls says no, it generally means yes and they expect guys to understand.

However, this doesn’t apply during sex – when girl says NO, she definitely means NO. Sometimes,  when she says no, it may be because she is uncomfortable or painful. So you should stop immediately. Don’t be an idiot and think she wants more. You will just hurt her more and could possibly destroy the relationship.

Tip 1: Don’t guess during sex, Communicate!


Misunderstanding #2

Size & Duration Matters

Some people still have the superstition that their size and how long they last during sex make a huge difference. This is exaggerated by the AVs in which the male porn stars in the video has huge penis and can seemingly last for very long.

Let me tell you the truth. I can’t say it doesn’t matter at all because an abnormal size and duration can’t please girls. But if you are a healthy guy, then you shouldn’t worry for these two factors. What really make the difference is your skills. This is backed by many girls. If you go and do a research on this, you will get the same result. Girls who have some experience will agree that skill is way more important.

Tip 2: Go and enhance your skills rather than finding ways to enlarge your penis.

(If you can patiently do some serious research online, you can improve a lot on your skills already. There is no need to spend money on this. Many people couldn’t do it because they are either too arrogant or focus on the wrong thing.)

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Misunderstanding #3

Sex Toy is a Must


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AVs often show the use of various sex toys during sex which encouraged many people to spend a lot of money on this trying to find ways to improve their sex life. Very often, AVs are just trying not to be too boring by adding in different components. It is also a way for them to promote the toys.

But this doesn’t mean sex toy is a must for sex. From my own experience, me and my girlfriend don’t really need it because I did my homework (research) before we had our first sex so I roughly know what to do. After a few practices, I’m getting good at controlling how our sex were going. We did use one toy for a while but we don’t use any afterwards. I find it quite troublesome to use it during sex and we have to make sure it has enough battery.

So once again, I need to emphasize that skill is the most important. Toys are just supplementary.

Tip 3: Do your own homework and practice makes perfect! Discover the best way to have sex with your partner. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you didn’t do it right the first time.

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Misunderstanding #4

Girl Must be the Submission during Sex

Again, in AVs especially Japanese ones, girls are usually the submission, which means they are forced to do things even if they don’t like it. This also means guys are the dominant one during sex. This scenario is especially highlighted and exaggerated by the movie/novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” in which they practise BDSM.

Oh god, this is really terrible. As a result of these videos, quite a number of guys tend to be very aggresive during sex because they think that’s how it’s supposed to be.

If you are one of them, please stop! Those are fake. In real life, no one likes to be treated that way. Girls need YOU to be gentle and really care for them.

By the way, we should be MAN. But being aggressive does not equal to being MAN. A real MAN respect and care for his girl!

Tip 4: Be as much gentle as you can during sex. Girls like it that way. Slowly increase the pace and stimulation but be gentle at the same time.

P.S. Some people do like BDSM, but that’s very few in real life and please do it carefully.


Misunderstanding #5

Shower Sex is Romantic


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NOPE! Not at all.

Shower sex is actually very very dangerous. The bathroom is wet and slippery. You’re only going to hurt yourself or your partner.

It is also very tiring because the sex position you can use are limited and none of it is easy and comfortable.

Other than that, just try imagine your body being wet. You are going to be cold if there is no warm water flowing onto both of your body continuously.

Lastly, the water is going to wash away the natural lubricant both of your genitals produce.

Movies are again for show and entertainment. In reality, shower sex doesn’t work at all so don’t ever try it.

Tip 5: The best place to have sex is still in the bed. No other place! Bur remember to shower before having sex, preferably shower together.


Misunderstanding #6

Girls like Facial & Gokkun

Facial is when a guy ejaculate onto a girl’s face. Gokkun is when the guy ejaculate into her mouth and the girl swallow the cum.

The is very common in AVs. In the man’s perspective, facial and gokkun seem fulfilling. It has a sense of conquest. It is also visually appealing for guys. So if you are a girl, I’m explaining to you why some guys like these.

But guys! For those who have requested your girl to do it before, do you have a sense of empathy? I also like facial and gokkun. But in the girl’s perspective, do you really think she likes it? Have you ever tasted your own cum? Maybe some of you did. But I’m sure most of you don’t like it in the first place. I bet 99% of the girls in the world don’t like it.

If you still have a little sense of empathy, please don’t ever ask your girl about it. It’s aweful. It only shows how selfish and inconsiderate you are.

Tip 6: Girls! If you ever encounter this kind of guy, please reconsider him and avoid him if possible.

The most important point about sex is the experience both of you share. I emphasize again, please do not follow what AVs show. You are just going to destroy your own relationship.

Be a caring and considerate partner. Create more and more pleasurable and memorable experience for your lover. Sex is not everything. Your relationship has a lot more. But don’t treat sex lightly. It is an integral part of your healthy relationship.

Clear away the misunderstandings about sex you have currently and put in more efforts to learn and improve. The Internet is a really great tool. I learn most of the things there. The rest is just practice.

Practice makes perfect! I wish you all the best for your sex life and also your relationship.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you are welcomed to leave them below.

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I’ll see you next time 🙂

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