10 Tricks to Last Longer In Bed Without Pills Tonight – Learn in 10 mins!

Sex is one of the very important aspect of a healthy relationship. If you or your partner are not satisfied in bed, your relationship may be in dangerno matter how suitable you are and how much you love each other. So you got to pay attention for the next 10 minutes because I’m going to save your relationship, literally.

how long do you last in bedHow to last longer in bed?

This is a very common question from men. You are probably pessimistic about your performance in bed, that’s why you are here today. But, don’t worry. I will give you the most POWERFUL and NATURAL techniques today for FREE. I’m not selling you any pills or training packages. Neither am I telling you the “penis exercises” such as Kegel exercise which you’ve probably heard of it. I don’t believe in that because it takes time to practice and “train” but the results are not guaranteed. I’ve also heard that you can train by intentionally stopping your pee halfway when you are peeing. I think that’s pretty stupid and it may have long term adverse consequences.

I’m sharing with you from my research which is backed by and tested from My Own Experience!

I am already able to have sex with her for as long as I want from practices. This is no brag, no exaggeration! I think it’s time for you to change and bring your partner to the next level of pleasure in bed tonight.

Let’s Starts with the Basics

Right now, you may feel that you cannot last long enough to satisfy your partner. Or sometimes you just cannot hold it a little bit longer.

Let me ask you 2 questions:

  1. How long did you usually last? and
  2. How long is long?

If you are considering yourself as having things like Premature Ejaculation (PE), let me tell you the truth. If you didn’t cum within 1 minute of the actual intercourse, you are not having PE. (You can take a look at the definition of PE from Wikipedia yourself if you still don’t trust me at this point of time.)

In fact, normal men ejaculate at around 5 to 7 minutes. Doctors suggested that the best duration for sex is around 10 to 20 minutes because the longer you take, women’s vagina will become dryer and dryer, typically more than 20 minutes. Some sexual experts even said that 7 to 13 minutes is the best. So I would say if you are lasting at least 7 minutes, you are absolutely fine. These stats are NOT to comfort you but it is to show your misunderstanding. Be confident in yourself!


The Most Fundamental Issue

The origin of “How to last longer” comes from the issue of “How to satisfy woman”. The most common misunderstanding is that the longer the intercourse the better. NO! This is wrong. Just like what I previously said, women’s vagina will become dryer and dryer. If the intercourse is more than 20 minutes, she will start to get a bit annoyed and probably feel a little bit of discomfort. You can go and ask a girl whom you are close to (And had experienced before). No one will like to have sex for 30, 40 minutes or more. Even if I’m a girl, I would be satisfied when I have an orgasm. Please don’t be misled by the Adult Videos. AVs are NOT REAL at all!

The best scenario?

It’s quite difficult for both of you to come to orgasm simultaneously. You should aim for her orgasm first then yours. Trust me, this is absolutely possible. A normal girl can achieve orgasm in just 7 minutes if you do it correctly, with the right techniques.

I did it before.

I’m not trying to show off but I just want to prove it to you it’s possible. If that’s the case, then why are we always pressuring ourselves to last longer? Can’t you see the alternative way here? It’s to bring her faster to orgasm!

So you should be aiming for these 2 things:

  1. Bring her faster to orgasm (with the use of right techniques)
  2. Last a bit longer (only if you still cum earlier than her orgasm)

You’re probably very excited about the 10 tricks you are going to learn today. Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Get Your Foreplay Right

Importance of foreplay

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

You’ve probably heard of the importance of foreplay. The simple rationale for this is to achieve point number one – bring her faster to orgasm. So please don’t think foreplay is redundant or even ignore it. It’s for your own good. In order to be a master in bed, you need to first master foreplay. Don’t give her your cock straightaway. Make her want it and eager for it. The trick is Atmosphere+Finger+Mouth+Technique. I’ll talk more about it in another post.

Oh yes! It is possible to give her orgasm even just in the foreplay. If you did it, you don’t even need to worry about whether you are lasting long enough.

Read this: How to have great foreplay? 8 steps for men

Another point to take note is to “Do the foreplay FOR her”. What I mean here is that don’t put the emphasis on pleasuring YOU now, such as making her do a blowjob or handjob. Because your aim is to cum after she reach orgasm. Put your emphasis on pleasuring her at this point of time. Stimulate her clitoris or do a handjob and blowjob for her. This is the same rationale as “Work hard first, enjoy later.”

The typical time for foreplay that is recommended is about 5 to 10 minutes.


2. Masturbate an hour or two before sex

This is a practical but NOT recommended way.

Masturbating some time before sex can reduce your sensitivity so you can last a bit longer. But the downside is that you may not be able to stay erected throughout the intercourse. I’ve tried back-to-back intercourse before with some rest time in between. But halfway through the second time, I didn’t manage to stay erected and continue the intercourse.

However, this may work for you. So you can give it a try.


3. Distract Yourself

Distraction method for longer sexThis is a very important and practical tip that you need to master!

We can control what we think which will affect your sexual motivation and sensation. Just like during masturbation, if you keep thinking about sexual stuff, you are able to cum very fast. Exact same principle. During intercourse, you need to distract yourself strategically. Why do I say strategically? Because you cannot let her know you are thinking about other stuff. Girls will think that you are not paying attention to her if they know your mind is elsewhere.

You can think of anything as long as it is not sexually related. Since it’s during intercourse, you have to do this intentionally to make it work. It works for me and many others so you should give it a try next time, perhaps tonight?

One thing to take note is that if you’ve already practised masturbating before sex, then you cannot do this. You most probably won’t be able to stay erected.


4. Masturbate Practice


You have to masturbate regularly if you have not been doing it. Regular masturbation allows you to better control your feelings and sensation. You will know when you are going to cum and how you can stop it. This is very important in real sex.

The technique that is usually used is the “stop-start” technique, which means you need to thrust and stop, thrust and stop…

Below are Pleasure Graphs.

Pleasure graph 1

Pleasure Graph 1

Many people follow the straight and inclined pleasure graph. That’s why they cum in less than 3 minutes. They simply keep on thrusting and thinking about sexual stuff until orgasm.

Pleasure graph 2

Pleasure Graph 2

What we aim to do is the second pleasure graph which shows repeating up and down of pleasure level. This lengthens the masturbation duration and also trains the muscles to better control your penis.

This takes practise. Remember to masturbate regularly. Regular masturbation is totally healthy. There’s nothing wrong or bad with masturbation. If you have this misunderstanding of masturbation is a sin or something like that, please remove it right now!

Typical masturbation time should be AT LEAST 10 minutes.


5. Using a Thick or Delay Lubricant Condom

durex long last condom

Durex Delay Lubricant Condom

This is a no-brainer. Both thick condom and condom with delay lubricant can prolong the pleasure.

  • For thick condom, click here.
  • For delay lubricant condom (by Durex), click here.


6. Control the Speed & Deepness Yourself

Be the one who lead the game.

There are 4 reasons for this:

  1. I will be more sensitive if she is the one moving up and down on me from my own experience.
  2. Since you are the one moving, your blood is spread out to different muscles and not all at your penis. This can reduce your sensitivity.
  3. You can go slower and less deep when you are more sensitive.
  4. It is quite tiring for normal girls to be the dominant one in bed. I’m sure your partner will love it if you are the one leading because she won’t be tired so fast.

You may be tired after a while but you can get her faster to orgasm. Faster to orgasm means you can satisfy her without holding for very long. Satisfying her means she will love you more. Isn’t this the ultimate outcome you want?

So I believe man should control the game in bed. Remember to be gentle and treat her like a princess! Don’t ever follow what AV does!


7. Change Positions

Another trick to note is to change a position when you feel sensitive. This gives you some time to recover and cool down a bit.

I recommend you to use 3 sex positions for every sex and each position should take around 3 to 5 minutes.

Let me do some calculation for you. Let say you shower together for 20 mins, foreplay 7 mins, each position 4 mins. In total, it’s 39 minutes! This is a very decent duration.


8. Take Slow & Deep Breaths

deep breath method for longer sexIt is proven by many that taking slow and deep breath can reduce sensitivity. It can significantly reduce the urge to cum. It works for me and should work for you too!


9. Communication

importance of communication in sexCommunication is also very important in sex. For example, when you are entering her vagina, you can ask her whether it’s painful (entering is the time when she may feel pain if not sufficiently lubricated or during the first few intercourse. So make sure you go slow!) During sex, you can ask her whether it’s comfortable or praise her about anything, literally anything as long as it makes her happy and comfortable. This kind of little conversation can verbally stimulate her sexual motivation and sensation. It can help to bring her faster to orgasm as well.

You shouldn’t forget the after-sex talk as well. You can talk about it and discuss how to improve it next time.


10. Your Mentality

mentalityHere comes to the most important and critical part of this article.

From the beginning, if you think you are not lasting long enough, then you definitely won’t and you won’t satisfy her. So you may think you have PE. This negative thought just creates a vicious cycle and you are always pessimistic about your performance in bed. But I’ve already proven to you in the beginning of this article that you are not suffering from PE. So it’s time to be more confident and start thinking and practising the tricks that I’ve provided you.

In order to have a great sex and make your partner happy, everything starts with your mind. If you are confident and determined to give your partner an awesome night, then you definitely will!


To Summarize, the following infographic shows the full list…

How to last longer in bed infographic

The Ultimate Secret that Very Few People Actually Know It

Let me tell you my experience. This is the truth. I hope to see people who can resonate to tell me below.

Every time when you have sex, there will be a duration where you are very sensitive. This is the beginning of the intercourse. It’s typically around 3 to 5 minutes. The distraction method, controlling speed & depth and breathing method should be used during this time. If you are able to overcome this sensitive time, then you are able to have sex with her for at least 15 to 20 minutes or more.

For me, once I’ve overcome this phase, I can have sex with her for as long as I want, like what I said at the beginning. Because once this phase is over, I can easily control my sensation.

The end result?

I can cum whenever I want. So I’m always able to satisfy her in bed and give her multiple orgasms. It’s really not that hard to achieve. To be honest, you can do it too.

I bet you are now a lot more skillful than most men out there after reading my 10 tricks for you. You may not be able to achieve the “as long as you want” realm YET. But, I’m sure you can last a lot longer and surprise her tonight.

Before I end off, I want you to take note of the following 2 things & 1 final advice for you:

  1. Everyone’s body is different so DON’T COMPARE. You do what you can but not all the tricks may work for you.
  2. DON’T COUNT THE TIME! I know I’ve been talking about the timings and calculating each of them. But this is just to convince you and show you what’s possible. In real sex, you don’t actually get a stop watch and time. NO! You go with your feelings and you will master it after a few times.

The Final Advice!

Satisfying her in bed is not all about lasting longer. It’s the experience you give her. You need to recognize that having sex with her is TOTALLY different from masturbating yourself. Having sex will not be as pleasurable as masturbating. Because the difference is that one is pleasuring yourself and the other is pleasuring your partner. So keep in mind to always make her comfortable and enjoyable first. The whole process is all very important to girls while ejaculation is usually the most important part for guys. Since you’ve understand this difference, you are going to be the master in bed soon!

Do let me know in the comment below whether these work for you. Also, share with me your own secret method! Should you have any questions, leave it below and I will help you out to my best ability.

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Let’s GO,

Good luck to you, my friend! You are not far from being the master in bed!

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